Transportation Management Services

Holland Transfer Company was organized in 1907 with a team of horses and drayage wagon. The original founder, S.R. Holland, began hauling coal, wood, cotton and other general commodities. In 1912, W.R. Holland joined his brother as a partner. The brothers operated as Holland Brothers and grew to seven wagons and teams of horses, until 1915 when the first trucks were available.

S.R. and W.R. Holland operated as Holland Brothers until 1941 when Holland Transfer and Storage was organized, with R.B. Holland Sr. joining his father W.R. Holland as a partner. The company was located at 916 Salisbury Road, in the heart of Statesville, NC, about 3 miles from Holland Transfer Company’s current location. In 1964, the company was incorporated with W.R. Holland serving as President and R.B. Holland Sr. serving as Secretary and Treasurer. With W.R. Holland retiring in 1970, the company was again reorganized with R.B Holland Sr. serving as President and R.B. Holland Jr. joining the family business as Vice President. C.L. Poole joined the company in 1972 as Sales Manager.

In 1978, R.B. Holland Sr. retired; R.B. Holland Jr. became President and Treasurer and C.L. Poole became Vice President and Secretary. C.L. Poole became a shareholder in 1986.

In 1986, the partners built a 90,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center at its current location (2088 Salisbury Highway- Old Highway 70) The current office space, cross dock and tractor-trailer shop were added in 1988.

In 1996, Reid Armstrong purchased the company. In 1998, he was joined by former Yellow Transportation colleague Jeff Harvey as a partner. In 2003, Jeff Harvey purchased the company and has spent the last few years diversifying and modernizing the company. In December 2004, transportation provider Holland Transportation Management Services, Inc. was spun off and is currently located at 305 N. Center Street in Statesville ( In January of 2007, Statesville Distribution Services, Inc. was spun off as a separate operating company (

Previous Owners

1907 – 1941 S. R. Holland
1912 – 1970 W. R. Holland
1941 – 1978 R. B. Holland, Sr.
1970 – 1990 R. B. Holland, Jr.
1986 – 1998 Clarence L. Poole
1996 – 2002 Reid Armstrong / Gene Miller
1998 – Present Jeff Harvey
2006 – Present Teresa Summers

Major Events in Company History

1907 – S. R. Holland purchases a drayage wagon and team of horses, plus mules, for location on South Center Street
1912 – Brother W. R. Holland joins S. R. and the operation moves to Steele Street
1915 – First tractors arrive
1941 – Company is relocated to 916 Salisbury Road
1964 – Company is incorporated
1986 – Company moves to its current location – 90,000 square foot warehouse is built
1988 – Office, cross dock and shop are built
1998 – Jeff Harvey purchases company
2004 – Holland Transportation Management Services, Inc. is spun off
2007 – Statesville Distribution Services, Inc. is spun off
2007 – Holland Transfer Company celebrates 100-Year Anniversary
2021 – Survived 2020

Corporate Office: 2227 Salisbury Hwy, Statesville, NC  28677

Warehouse: 2088 Salisbury Hwy, Statesville, NC  28677